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Doug Nold Photo
Doug Nold
Assistant Athletic Director
Stephanie Blackwell Photo
Stephanie Blackwell
Director of Athletic Programs
(918) 366-2226
Jay Bittle Photo
Jay Bittle
Executive Director of Athletics
Joy Adams Photo
Joy Adams
Volleyball - 9th Grade Coach
(918) 366-2201 EXT.2796
Shannon Altom Photo
Shannon Altom
Track - Girls Head Coach
(918) 366-2222 EXT.2469
Hallie Arnold Photo
Hallie Arnold
Cheer - Varsity & JV Assistant Coach & STUNT - Varsity & JV Assistant Coach
Kristen Atkinson Photo
Kristen Atkinson
Basketball - Girls Assistant Coach
Doug Behrens Photo
Doug Behrens
Football - 9th Grade Head Coach & Track - Boys Head Coach
(918) 366-2246
David Bolding Photo
David Bolding
Soccer - Boys Varsity & Junior Varsity Head Coach
Corbin Burchett Photo
Corbin Burchett
Football - Assistant Coach, Girls Basketball Assistant Coach & Track - Assistant Coach
(918) 366-1700
Annie Coffey Photo
Annie Coffey
Basketball - Girls 9th Grade Head Coach
Chris Cole Photo
Chris Cole
Football - Assistant Coach & Baseball - Junior Varsity Coach
Hunter Dalton Photo
Hunter Dalton
Wrestling - Assistant Coach
Justin Delay Photo
Justin Delay
Baseball - Head Coach
Lily Diagostine Photo
Lily Diagostine
Volleyball - 8th Grade Red Head Coach
Dillon Dobbins Photo
Dillon Dobbins
Baseball - Junior Varsity Assistant Coach
Brian Douglas Photo
Brian Douglas
Football - Assistant Coach, 8th Grade Head Coach & Wrestling - Assistant Coach
(918) 366-1700
Austin Embrey Photo
Austin Embrey
Football - Assistant Coach & Wrestling - JH Assistant Coach
Paige Estes Photo
Paige Estes
Dance - Head Coach
Sam Fairchild Photo
Sam Fairchild
Basketball - Boys Head Coach
Rodney Flowers Photo
Rodney Flowers
Football - Defense Coordinator
(918) 366-1700
Victoria Frisella Photo
Victoria Frisella
Dance - Assistant Coach
Joy Marie Galliart Photo
Joy Marie Galliart
Softball - Head Coach
(918) 366-2381
Kenny Giddens Photo
Kenny Giddens
Wrestling - Assistant Coach
Jeremy Griffin Photo
Jeremy Griffin
Baseball - Assistant Coach
Jack Hamilton Photo
Jack Hamilton
Basketball - Girls 8th Grade Blue Coach
Wes Hammons Photo
Wes Hammons
Basketball - Boys Assistant Coach & Golf - Girls Assistant Coach
Doug Hennigan Photo
Doug Hennigan
Tennis - Varsity & Junior Varsity Head Coach
Clyde Hill Photo
Clyde Hill
Golf - Assistant Coach
Shannon Hoffmann Photo
Shannon Hoffmann
Basketball - Girls Assistant Coach
Jenna Holcomb Photo
Jenna Holcomb
Tennis - 8th Grade Assistant Coach
Tim Holt Photo
Tim Holt
Football - Assistant Coach
Julie Jankowski Photo
Julie Jankowski
Volleyball - Assistant Coach
Kyle Kachelmeyer Photo
Kyle Kachelmeyer
Cheer - Head Coach & STUNT - Head Coach
Zoe Kersey (Stinchcomb) Photo
Zoe Kersey (Stinchcomb)
Volleyball - Head Coach
Lance Kight Photo
Lance Kight
Basketball - Boys 8th Grade Blue Coach & Assistant HS Coach
Avery King Photo
Avery King
Basketball - Girls 8th Grade Red Coach
Sarah Kling Photo
Sarah Kling
Volleyball - 8th Grade Blue Head Coach
Brent Landrum Photo
Brent Landrum
Basketball - Boys 8th Grade Red Coach
Shelley Lawson Photo
Shelley Lawson
Swimming - Varsity Assistant Coach & 8th Grade Head Coach
Trevor Leu Photo
Trevor Leu
Baseball - Assistant Coach
William Maas Photo
William Maas
Football - Assistant Coach & Track - 8th Grade Assistant Coach
Jen Masterson Photo
Jen Masterson
Softball - Assistant Coach
Loren Montgomery Photo
Loren Montgomery
Football - Head Coach
(918) 366-1700
Brock Moore Photo
Brock Moore
Wrestling - Head Coach
Michael Nelson Photo
Michael Nelson
Football - Assistant Coach
Brent Nichols Photo
Brent Nichols
Softball - Assistant Head Coach, Golf - 8th Grade Assistant Coach, Baseball - Assistant Coach
(918) 366-2201 EXT.2738
Cameron Palmer Photo
Cameron Palmer
Football - 8th Grade Coach
Onis Pankey Photo
Onis Pankey
Softball - Assistant Coach
Terry Quigley Photo
Terry Quigley
Football - 9th Grade Assistant Coach & Basketball Boys - 9th Grade Coach
David Reneau Photo
David Reneau
Tennis - 8th Grade Head Coach
Mike Rogers Photo
Mike Rogers
Football - 8th Grade Head Coach
(918) 366-2218
Shane Roller Photo
Shane Roller
Wrestling - Assistant Coach
Kyle Ross Photo
Kyle Ross
Football - 8th Grade Coach
Keighley Sallee Photo
Keighley Sallee
Cheer - 8th Grade Assistant Coach & STUNT 8th Grade Assistant Coach
Tyler Schneider Photo
Tyler Schneider
Football - Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks
(918) 366-1700
Brittany Scrapper Photo
Brittany Scrapper
Soccer - Girls Head Coach
Brittany Scrapper Photo
Brittany Scrapper
Soccer - Girls Varsity & Junior Varsity Head Coach
Bryn Shoemaker Photo
Bryn Shoemaker
Cheer - Junior Varsity Head Coach & STUNT - Junior Varsity Head Coach
Jason Smith Photo
Jason Smith
Softball - 8th Grade Head Coach & Baseball - Assistant Coach
Jamie Snyder Photo
Jamie Snyder
Golf - Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Head Coach
Mike Stanton Photo
Mike Stanton
Cross Country - Varsity & 8th Grade Head Coach
Zach Stephens Photo
Zach Stephens
Football - 9th Grade Assistant Coach & Baseball - Junior V arsity Coach
Trevor Suffal Photo
Trevor Suffal
Football - Assistant Coach
Glenn Sullivan Photo
Glenn Sullivan
Golf - Boys Varsity, Junior Varsity & 8th Grade Head Coach
Tina Thomas Photo
Tina Thomas
Basketball - Girls Head Coach
Christa Thompson Photo
Christa Thompson
Swimming - Head Coach
(918) 366-2233
Heather Withem Photo
Heather Withem
Softball - Assistant Coach
Krista Wright Photo
Krista Wright
Cheer - 8th Grade Head Cheer & STUNT - 8th Grade Head Coach