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Q&A with Bixby’s Keirsten Tupman – Presented by Scott Shoemake Allstate Insurance

Bixby freshman Keirsten Tupman is just getting her start in a career on the track.

Tupman competes in a number of events for the Spartans and has shaved 10 seconds off her 400 meter run in a year’s time.

“Wide-range athlete,” Bixby coach Madison Eckert said. “Can ask her to do anything, from sprint relays to 4×800. Another underclassman to watch out for.”

VYPE: How long have you participated in track and field?

Keirsten: I have run track for three years.

VYPE: How do you balance your time between sports and academics or other activities?

Keirsten: I am very organized and I set myself a schedule and stick to it.

VYPE: Do you have any goals this year in track?

Keirsten: My goal this year is to make it to state.

VYPE: What professional athlete (college or pro) do you model your game after and why?

Keirsten: Usain Bolt. One of my favorite quotes from him is, “I trained 4 years to run 9 seconds and people give up when they don’t see results in 2 months.”

VYPE: What is your favorite drill to do in training and why?

Keirsten: My favorite drill is the 23 second drill because I get to push myself and see how far I can run in 23 seconds and try to beat it every time.

VYPE: What are your strengths and what have you improved on the most over the course of your high school career?

Keirsten: My strengths are speed endurance, and my biggest strength is my mental toughness. Even though I have speed endurance I need to work on top end speed, which will also help me on the 400 meter dash.

VYPE: What are your thoughts on this season from both an individual and team standpoint?

Keirsten: My thoughts on this season from an individual standpoint is I love having great coaches and strength and conditioning before school because it has helped me get stronger each month. From a team standpoint, my team is always so positive and hard working and it’s so great to have girls like them in my life.

VYPE: What’s your most memorable sports moment during your high school career?

Keirsten: My most memorable sports moment was beating my PR in the 400 and remembering the feeling of the last 100 meters of that race.

VYPE: What do you love most about being a student-athlete at your school and why?

Keirsten: What I love most about being a student athlete is meeting new people from different schools and getting to compete every week against friends and looking forward to making a new PR time.

VYPE: What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What are some of your hobbies?

Keirsten: What I enjoy doing in my free time is spending time with my friends, family and my dog. One of my favorite hobbies is working out and being surrounded in the gym and getting to see people who push themselves and strive for their own goals.

VYPE: What qualities do you think make someone a good teammate or leader?

Keirsten: What qualities I think makes someone a good leader is someone who will listen and gather ideas from other people and lead the team onto the right path.

VYPE: Is there a particular meet that you’re excited for this season?

Keirsten: A particular meet I’m excited for is state, because the feeling of going up against girls that you know will push you is beyond a feeling you can’t get at a regular meet.

VYPE: What are your plans after high school (college, work, etc)?Keirsten: I want to have a career as an EMT. Being able to go to work and be in an environment where you don’t know what’s going to happen next and being the first person to respond to someone having their worst day ever before they get to the hospital and helping as much as possible is something I want to pursue.


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