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Central Elementary’s Emily Long: Bixby Teacher Spotlight – Presented by Relax Station Spa

By Ember McElrath

In her sixth year teaching Kindergarten at Central Elementary in Bixby, Emily Long couldn’t be more excited to be with her students.

“My favorite thing about teaching is getting to invest in students and see their growth academically, socially, and emotionally,” said Emily.

Emily is a Bixby native, graduating from the high school, then going on to Oklahoma Baptist University to earn her degree in education. She taught half a year at Union Public Schools working with three year olds then returned to her roots at Bixby and has been in her current position ever since.

Teaching was not something that Emily knew she would one day be doing. She always knew she wanted to work with young children, but not necessarily in a school setting.

“I quickly discovered that teaching was a way for me to pour into children and help create a positive educational experience for them, unlike the experience I had for some of my schooling,” said Emily.

This school year Emily is looking forward to making great connections with her amazing students.

“I am blessed to be in the classroom this year with a new group of Kindergarteners who deserve the best experience even though life is different right now,” said Emily.

Not only is she recognized for the Bixby Teacher Spotlight, but also as Central Elementary’s Teacher of the Year.

“I was honored to receive this recognition,” said Emiy. “I am blessed to work at a school with the best colleagues. I have been heavily influenced by the incredible education that I have been surrounded by during my years of teaching.”

Emily went on to say that she learned everything about teaching from her amazing colleagues and how she felt truly honored to be recognized by the teachers who made her into the educator she is today.

During the summers you will still catch Emily working hard to make sure the next group of students have a great year.

“I recharge by continually improving my classroom and teaching practices and enjoy putting my time and energy in that,” said Emily.

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