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Bixby’s Sue Ward, Educating for Over Four Decades – Presented by Relax Station Spa

Bixby Public Schools educator Sue Ward first started teaching 41 years ago in Michigan when she took a job as a substitute. In 1981 she moved to Bixby, Oklahoma and has been with BHS ever since. Currently she teaches Pre-calculus and Algebra III to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

“One of the things I most appreciate about teaching is the opportunity I have to start new each year. Each year finds me with a new group of students and often new teachers to work with. This allows me to change things that may have not worked and do better,” said Ward. “Every day is different and exciting. I also enjoy our student body at BHS. We have the best kids. They make my job such that I still enjoy it after 40 years.”

The community of Bixby has been a great place for many educators and during her career with Bixby Public Schools, Ward has witnessed the growth of the community into what it is today.

“The kids make this a great place to teach. I tell our students and parents that I believe our student population is the best of any group at any high school. Our parents have raised great kids. I also work with a group of great teachers,” said Ward. “One of the most rewarding things for me is seeing students I taught come back and teach in Bixby. Another very rewarding thing is seeing students after they graduate be happy and successful.”

Following in familiar footsteps, Ward became an educator after watching her parents teach for years.

“My mom has probably had the most influence in my career. Both of my parents were public school educators, so I grew up around school teachers and school kinds of things. She didn’t really want me to go into teaching but never squashed my desire to teach. I was also most fortunate to have great math teachers in high school,” said Ward. 

Congratulation to Sue Ward on being named the Bixby Teacher of the Month and for years of service to Bixby Public Schools and the community of Bixby. 

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